To Wear: we carry clothing so you can wear your favorite bands everywhere.  T-shirts show which bands define you.  We also carry patches, beanies, hats and childrens clothing as well

To Play: we carry instrument supplies to help you make music to show your talents off.  Guitar strings, drum sticks, picks and all the other things that allow you to play.

To Listen: we carry CDs and LPs so you can listen to your favorite bands.  We sell new and used, so we can also buy things from you that you don't listen to anymore, cash or trade.

New titles being released on CD in the coming weeks:

     June 18, 2013
       Sigur Rose "Kveikur"
       3Oh!3 "Omens"

     June 25, 2013
       Skillet "Rise"
       Wale "Gifted"